Safety Assessment

Safety Assessment
The New York State Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NYSMPOs) and NYSDOT are advancing a project to develop a Standardized Safety Audit Process. The goal of the project is to establish a safety audit process that could be used as the model for consistent safety auditing by New York State MPOs. The process that is developed will be for the off-state system, and be adaptable for both small and large MPOs. The actions proposed for the study, which is expected to get underway in November 2007, include:

Obtain and evaluate existing safety audit checklists and processes from the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC), NYSDOT, FHWA, and other States and MPOs.
Develop a standardized NYSMPOs Safety Audit Process. This action will include the development of safety audit checklists or prompt lists, guidelines for selecting locations to undertake a safety audit and the identification of the roles and responsibilities of safety audit participants including guidelines as to who those participants should be. This information will be compiled into a Safety Audit Guidebook.
Test the entire Safety Audit Process on several pre-specified locations around the state.

The product of this effort will be fully consistent with the guidance in the FHWA Road Safety Audit Guidelines, but it will be a more concise and more specific document tailored to suit local conditions and practices. It will be developed to not only help ensure the consistency of the Safety Audit Process across New York State, but also to continue to offer flexibility to potential users.

The audit process will also address the requirement that MPOs incorporate and address safety issues in the transportation planning process. It will also facilitate the needed relationships that will connect the transportation planning process with enforcement activities and safety education. The long-term goal of the project is to decrease fatalities and injuries, reduce crashes and incident-related congestion, improve asset management and, in the long term, provide a safer transportation system to the traveling public. The resulting safety audit program will be used as both a programming tool and as a way of identifying inexpensive short-term solutions to address safety opportunities.

NYSMPO Safety Assessment Quick Reference Document (1 MB)
NYSMPO Safety Assessment Brochure (.5 MB)
NYSMPO Safety Assessment Guidelines (10MB)

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