Safety Forum

Forum on Integrating Safety into Transportation Planning

Transportation agencies, whether they are involved in the planning, design, or operation of transportation facilities and services, share a common goal: that the public must be able to travel safely by whatever mode they choose. Achieving that goal is reflected by specific efforts to reduce the number and severity of crashes and crash outcomes.

The purpose of the forum was to provide an opportunity for transportation planners from across New York State to learn how they can contribute to improved safety outcomes by integrating a safety perspective into their transportation plans and programs. During the forum, planners were able to engage in a dialogue with others in the safety business: engineers and operators; those addressing driver behavior; and those in the enforcement and emergency response business. Resource people from within and outside New York and representatives of Federal agencies also had the opportunity to participate and share current practice.

More information about the forum is available from the Program Brochure and from the Proceedings documentation. In addition, the presentations given at the forum are made available below.

All files are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format