Fiscal Constraint

Fiscal Constraint
The financial plan and associated fiscal constraint requirements are implemented in various ways by MPOs throughout the state and the nation.

NYSMPO is interested in what actions MPOs in New York State and elsewhere are taking to meet these requirements.

This SCI project will research 1) how NY State MPOs are meeting these requirements and what tools, analysis, and processes are being used in financial planning, and, 2) identify good practices within NY State and elsewhere that could be useful to NY State MPOs. It will also explore specifically how the nine MPOs in nonattainment or maintenance areas are addressing the requirement for all funds to be identified for the first two years of the TIP. The project will document best practices from selected MPOs and create a guide including examples of best practices for how a financial plan should be developed and updated as needed.

Given a number of new requirements in the February 2007 Metropolitan and Statewide Planning Regulation, this project will specifically look at the new requirements including, but not limited to: including inflation rates to reflect year of expenditure dollars, developing cost estimates for proposals where the level of project detail varies, showing financial information to demonstrate adequate operation and maintenance of federally supported activities, and the process for cooperative development of revenue assumptions to be used in metropolitan plans and TIPs. This project will investigate what types of analysis being done to develop financially constrained plans in New York State and, with input from AMPO, will attempt to identify other areas where good practices can be identified that could be transferable to New York State MPOs.

FHWA-FTA Financial Planning Requirements Final Report