2017 NYSAMPO Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 NYSAMPO Conference. We would also like to thank the Exhibitors and Sponsors of the conference.

NYSAMPO Conference Exhibitors and Sponsors

Use the links below to access the presentation materials for each session of the conference. Please note that a small number of the presentations from the conference are not available as they included material that is considered proprietary or restricted.

For additional session information, please reference the 2017 NYSAMPO Conference Agenda and NYSAMPO Conference Speakers and Moderators.

Training Sessions

Plenary Sessions

1A Sessions – Safety Challenges with Rural Roads & Slow-Moving Vehicles

1B Sessions – Planning for Resiliency

2A Sessions – New Models of Urban Mobility

2B Sessions – The Role of the MPO in Transportation Asset Management

3A Sessions – Focusing on Pedestrians & Bicyclists: Oh the places we can go!

3B Sessions – Transportation Technology

4A Sessions – What’s New in Statewide Planning

4B Sessions – Data: New Sources, New Tools

4C Sessions – Environmental Justice Considerations

5A Sessions – Long Range Plans in an Uncertain World

5B Sessions – Performance-Based Planning

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