The Ncityew York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NYSAMPO) is a
coalition of the fourteen MPOs in New York State, which have committed to work together toward common goals. We are a diverse group of organizations, representing very large, urban areas like New York City as well as small, urban areas like Elmira. Nevertheless, we have common interests and believe that working together on planning and research initiatives can help our organizations provide high quality transportation planning expertise to the public throughout the State.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct emails to NYSAMPO Staff.

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Working Group Work Plan

NYSAMPO’s eight technical working groups are an important part of the Association. They provide a forum for a community of practice and exchange of both cutting edge and current planning techniques. Each group prepares a Work Plan to guide its actions. The time span is April 1 – March 31 to coincide with the MPOs’ Unified Planning Work Programs. The 2018-2019 Working Group Work Plan is available here.

‘Smart Cycling’ Bicycle Safety Video Series

In 2018, NYSAMPO partnered with AAA, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), the Governors Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC), and the New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC) to cobrand five bicycle safety education videos. Please see the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Outreach Initiative report for more information about the process used to develop the videos. The videos are posted to YouTube and the links can be shared online (e.g., websites, social media, etc.) by any interested MPO in New York State. To obtain broadcast quality files for a locally-televised campaign, please contact Sandy Misiewicz or Mike Alexander.

Fact Sheets 

NYSAMPO has created a number of Fact Sheets to guide metropolitan transportation planning practices. These can be accessed on the NYSAMPO Fact Sheets Page under Noteworthy Practices.

Our newest Fact Sheets include the Safety Fact Sheet from the NYSAMPO Safety Working Group and the Freight 101 Fact Sheet designed by the NYSAMPO Freight Working Group. The Safety Fact Sheet discusses New York’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan and safety solutions that communities can undertake. The Freight 101 Fact Sheet (1) includes an introduction to freight/goods movement, (2) helps agencies assess how freight impacts their regions/communities, and (3) provides guidance on how to “get started” in planning for freight at the regional and local scale.

NYSAMPO Submits Comments on Federal Rulemakings 

There have been two recent Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for which NYSAMPO has done a thorough policy analysis and submitted comments to the docket.

FHWA issued an NPRM on April 22, 2016: National Performance Management Measures; Assessing Performance of the National Highway System, Freight Movement on the Interstate System, and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program This is the third and final rule to implement the performance-based planning and programming requirements that were introduced in MAP-21. Previous rules covered safety (now a Final Rule) and pavement and bridge infrastructure (Final Rule pending). This proposed rule covers four more of MAP-21’s National Goals: congestion, reliability, freight, and environment. Metrics and methodologies are proposed for measuring travel time reliability of all traffic on the National Highway System (NHS); reliability and congestion affecting truck travel on the Interstate Highway System. There are measures that would apply only to metropolitan areas with population greater than 1 million (NYMTC) that include annual hours of excessive delay per capita and total reduction of on-road mobile source emissions. The methodology will rely substantially on the National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS) as the data source for speed of travel on the NHS.

NYSAMPO expressed a number of general concerns with the proposed rule, including the fact that the metrics do not clearly align with the National Goals, that there are multiple implementation dates for the three performance management rules, and the lack of accepted methodology for forecasting performance in relation to setting targets. Click here to access NYSAMPO’s comments to the docket.

FHWA and FTA on June 27, 2016 jointly issued an NPRM “Metropolitan Planning Organization Coordination and Planning Area Reform”. The intent of this proposed rule was to clarify the fact that statutory language defining Metropolitan Planning Area had diverged from accepted planning practice, particularly in larger MPOs and those that span state boundaries. While the proposed rule would permit multiple MPOs in a single Census urbanized area (UZA), it would require a single Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, and performance targets. NYSAMPO pointed out that the New York City metropolitan UZA spans three states, and multiple MPOs. There is already an effective model of regional cooperation. The proposed requirements would make effective planning impossible. NYSAMPO proposed that the NPRM be withdrawn, and a legislative solution be pursued. This view is shared in comments submitted by AMPO, NARC, and AASHTO; as well as New York State DOT and numerous other states and MPOs. Click here to access NYSAMPO’s comments to the docket. Click here to access NYSDOT’s comments to the docket.

Final Rule on Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning; and Metropolitan Transportation Planning

The Final Rule on Statewide and Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning; and Metropolitan Transportation Planning was published in the Federal Register on May 27, 2016, with an effective date thirty days later. This long awaited rule was initiated with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on June 2, 2014. As has been the practice with transportation planning, the rule is issued jointly by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transportation Administration. It was initiated in response to new legislative requirements for MPOs and state DOTs in Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21). The final rule also incorporates changes that are responsive to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, passed in December 2015. This rule will guide much of the work of New York State’s MPOs.

Strategic Highway Research Program 2 

SHRP2 is a program of the Transportation Research Board, authorized by Congress to conduct implementation-oriented research in four areas: Capacity, Renewal, Reliability, and Safety. Much of the research has been completed, or is in its final stages. The Federal Highway Administration and AASHTO are sharing responsibility for implementation of projects ranging from providing training to highway incident responders to improve system reliability, to incorporating reliability measures in the Highway Capacity Manual. Find out more at: